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Univex is a leading manufacturer within the foodservice industry. Based in Salem New Hampshire, we are a proud manufacturer of Pizza, Bakery and Food Preperation equipment. Catering to all foodservice industry and segments, you can count and rely on Univex products to last for years to come!

Univex Sprizza Cold Pizza Spinner

Bench model cold system for spinning pizza dough. This machine reproduces the manual dexterity of the pizza-maker as closely as possible by imitating this unequaled delicateness. The original patented micro-rolling system makes the pizza base without heating, simultaneously with the same kind of result as would be obtained by a skillful pizza-maker, without any alteration of the dough.

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Sprizza Operational Video


Chef Toby Making Pizza With Univex Sprizza


Sprizza Pizza Spinner


Sprizza Spec Sheeet


Univex Sprizza Pizza Spinner and Dome Pizza Oven


Univex SL50 Spiral Mixer

Our professional-grade mixers are well suited to bakery workshops and industries. All models feature dual motors (one for the spiral and one for the bowl) as well as solid, sturdy construction, great power reserve, and exceptional ability to knead both small and large quantities of dough perfectly. The SL50 has a maximum capacity of 110Lbs of dough rated at 60% hydration ratio.

Why Choose a Spiral Mixer?


Univex DR1/14 Divider Rounder

Semi-automatic dough divider-rounder. This model is able to cut and round 660-840 pieces of dough per hour. The portions can weigh from 3.9 to 10.6 oz with the cutting group dividing into 14 sections and 10.7-22.9oz when cutting 11 portions. The machine is extremely easy to use, compact and very practical.

DR11/14 Spec Sheet


Univex Rotante Dome Pizza Oven

These beautiful masterpieces are made of whole refractory bricks, furnace baked, with high alumina content, immersed in refractory cement casting and feature a rotating cooking surface. With heat resistant to 1200°C and high alumina content increases heat retention, this oven will not disappoint! Various shapes, sizes and tiling available! Ovens turned off in the evening are still warm the next day and our bricks have sufficient resistance to double oven lifespan. In addition to the gas burner, which ensures a precise and punctual temperature, an independent electrical resistance below the rotating surface (manageable in off, automatic, or manual mode), guarantees continuous operation and allows you to cook pizzas continuously without the need for annoying pauses to restore heat to the floor.

Dome Ovens


Univex UFP13 Food Processor

Our Food Processor is a versatile vegetable prep machine capable of preparing up to 485 pounds of fresh vegetables, fruit, and more per hour. Heavy-duty, ventilated motor enables worry-free continuous operation. Compact design enables easy installation in every kitchen. Unique feeding system makes it easy to process soft products, like mozzarella cheese. To ensure safety, motor stops when lever is lifted, machine will not start if cover is not in place.

Univex Food Processor